• How Does Your Brain Work?

• How Do You Learn Best?

• Unmask Learning Differences

• Allow Your Brain to Work For You, Not Against You


The Mind Matters Assessment

  • Offers a unique understanding of the student’s learning style, strengths and skills
  • Transforms the self image of learning deficits into a picture of learning differences that can be addressed successfully
  • Utilizes diagnostic student/parent interviews and formal cognitive and achievement testing

Who Benefits?
Students who struggle in school and have issues with:

  • Focus
  • Attention
  • Auditory or visual comprehension
  • Reading, writing, or math difficulties
  • Learning disabilities, including ADD and ADHD dyslexia

Final Report Includes:

  • Clear visual graph and professional interpretation of the 20+ subtests
  • Extensive section written directly to the student, explaining how his/her mind works and how to make it work optimally
  • Recommendations to teachers on how to best support the student’s learning
  • When indicated, a separate letter will be provided containing a legal learning disability diagnosis and specifying the necessary accommodations
  • Oral debriefing session that includes learning strategies and useful handouts to assist student

Fee Range: $850-$1,200


Mind Matters Assessment:
Formal, Enhanced Diagnostic Testing with a Whole-Child Perspective

Carol Carlson
Educational Therapist
Licensed Colorado Special Education Teacher
Certified Waldorf Remedial Teacher



Boulder, Colorado